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linda scheele
Hi, I’m Linda. As a Public Speaker, I want to inspire, educate and motivate through the message I deliver!
Everyday our bodies are constantly being reborn. Everyday throughout our lives, our bodies change as it reflects our habits, practices and even our thoughts and emotions. If you expect your mental and physical capacity to diminish with age, it probably will!

If you have the expectations that you can grow younger and live longer, this will be your experience.

“A life can change in a 10th of a second or sometimes it can take 70 years” Charles Bukowski

Welcome to Aging in Reverse!

I would like to offer you my new eBook on The Five Tibetans FREE.

What are the Five Tibetans?ebook cover

This is a yoga practice that started over 2500 years ago that stimulates the energy flow in your body for health, energy and affects your nerves, organs and glands.  Also strengthens and tones your muscle groups. There are five exercises that are done every day and take less than 10 minutes. I have been doing this for over a year and the results are amazing.

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