linda scheele public speakerEntrepreneur, Teacher, Motivational, Educational and Inspiration Speaker

Growing up in New England with so many dreams, what brought me here?  I raised three children David, Kristen and Stephen. Along the rocky road of life, I lost David and Kristen to addictions and depression. I did not change…the things that mattered did. Then my actions changed.  What truly is important?  Love, Health & Forgiveness.   My journey was about finding the path to where I am today.

I don’t believe in coincidences, there are reasons why we are where we are in our lives. If we open our hearts, life starts to flow.  I have owned four businesses. After I closed my last business, I decided to become a Certified Teacher in four types of yoga, Chair, Restorative, Sampoorna and Cancer.  Reiki Master followed in the next few years.

Working in Cancer Centers, Senior Centers, Addiction Centers, my path became clear.   My path is to speak about Health & Wellness and Aging in Reverse.  I started my Public Speaking and Teaching yoga business in 2015.

After joining Toastmasters, a professional speaking organization in 2017, mymy business Aging in Reverse was born.    Workshops, speaking engagements; educational and inspirational is what I love to do.  We have a tremendous amount of control over our health that goes untapped.

I teach the power of your breath; movement and how mindfulness helps you change your brain to live longer and be more healthy.  Reverse or slow down your aging.  This is my journey.

Welcome to Aging in Reverse!

I would like to offer you my new eBook on The Five Tibetans FREE.

What are the Five Tibetans?ebook cover

This is a yoga practice that started over 2500 years ago that stimulates the energy flow in your body for health, energy and affects your nerves, organs and glands.  Also strengthens and tones your muscle groups. There are five exercises that are done every day and take less than 10 minutes. I have been doing this for over a year and the results are amazing.

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