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Linda Scheele

Linda’s speeches are both inspirational and educational.

​Speaking & Workshops

  • Slow down or Reverse Your Aging; It’s Never Too Late!
  • ​What is Your True Age?  Chronological; Biological; Physical
  • ​Health & Wellness; Breathing, Movement, &  Meditation
  • ​Shift Your Mind, Shift Your Health.  Don’t Believe Everything You Think
  • ​The Power of Your Breath.   How many times you breathe in a minute determines your longevity and health.
  • ​Addictions; Do Not Judge!  It could be your child.
  • ​The Other Side of Grief.  The loss of 2 children to depression & addictions; Linda’s talk will inspire you with her personal courage.
  • ​Alternative Healing –  The power of Reiki
  • ​If there is a particluar subject that you would like, I would be glad to discuss it. Please contact me below.

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